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This will remind you that change is always possible, and you may be able to use these people as a source of inspiration for your own recovery. The people in these meetings have dealt with a similar struggle as you, and they are all reaching a similar goal. Whether it’s “casual” drinks at the office, wine at a company dinner, or beer while trying to close a deal, alcohol is a socially acceptable element of business in some places.

sober networking

In addition to providing proven 12 Steps-based curricula, our treatment centers offer an extensive selection of program options for people from virtually every walk of life. Even people who readily extend themselves to support your recovery post-rehab may require considerable time and patience to learn how to support you. Therefore, you should normalize clear, open communication and always communicate your needs while you allow the members of your support network to learn and adjust. You should also become more responsive and be willing to answer the phone or otherwise provide a timely response when a member of your support network reaches out to you to inquire about your well-being. Cocktail parties, client dinners, team celebrations, and regular after work “happy hours” are all opportunities to network and build relationships with colleagues and potential partners.


Instead, find people who support your recovery goals and encourage you to be the best person that you could possibly be. Regardless of how well you got along with the friends that you used with, they cannot be completely considered a good influence. Once you enter recovery, it’s important to surround yourself with people who are healthy, positive influences. Unfortunately, this creates a challenge for people who are attempting to enter recovery. They may feel that their relationships are damaged beyond repair, or they may feel that the people they would typically rely on for social support may not be available or willing to assist them.

  • The reality is that addiction recovery is a unique journey for each person.
  • Anytime somebody offers to help you, even if you are not expecting it, do your best to seize the opportunity.
  • That feature helps people connect with strangers, regardless of where they live, and help them if they are having a hard time staying sober.
  • As you connect with others who are in recovery, you will likely find yourself feeling more hopeful, optimistic, and inspired about your own life in treatment.
  • With rehab facilities located throughout New Hampshire, Granite Recovery Center offers residential and outpatient treatment to individuals who are seeking treatment for alcohol or drug abuse.

Then I would walk into the event, head to the bar, and ask what alcohol-free options they had. Most times I was met with a “diet coke-coke-sprite-water” answer, sometimes not even water was available. I would immediately feel defeated and my entire resolve would melt away and I would have a “forget about it” moment and instead opt for a glass of red wine.

Sober Grid – Social Network

Feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable at functions like these is natural, especially early in the recovery journey. If you find that happens, leaving is the best course of action for protecting sobriety. Prior to attending a work function involving alcohol, recovering addicts should talk to friends, family or a mentor/sponsor about their concerns. It is also helpful to ask someone in their support system to be on standby to provide support if needed, and to develop a strategy to check-in at various times throughout the event.

When you choose a rehab facility, make sure it offers aftercare and that you can join an alumni group. That means the facility makes referrals and connects you with resources for continued recovery. Plus, with an alumni group, you can form lifelong bonds and share in successes as everyone progresses along the healing journey. Seeking help and saying you feel vulnerable can be two of the hardest things to do.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented new pre-screening protocols and other safety precautions while we continue to admit new clients 24/7. Our facilities remain open for treatment, we are expanding virtual services, and we remain dedicated to our clients and their recovery. Hearing stories from individuals that have been sober for an extended period can give you hope in your own recovery journey.

sober networking is an online directory and community site for individuals seeking treatment information for alcoholism and substance abuse. FlexDek is an adaptable platform that accommodates mobile apps targeting behavioral, medical, and physical diagnoses. is an online, evidence-based training program that provides course materials, tools, and skills geared at obtaining certification in the addiction recovery industry. Intervention Strategies is a consulting firm led by licensed therapists who offer specialized services for individuals in need who feel that they’ve “reached the end of the line” and need professional help. Client Care Solutions is a mobile app development company that creates Android and iOS apps designed to fill gaps in service between patients and their physicians and care managers. offers an online directory for recovering addicts looking for sober living facilities.

Individualized Treatment Plans

These people are invested in your sobriety and care about your well-being enough to offer encouragement and comfort whether you make progress or have a bad day. As you move through life, methods like these don’t have to be your only form of support, but they’re a good start. Additionally, sober socializing with others can reinforce your goals, as long as you’re honest with people about how you feel and what you need. It may surprise you discover just how vast your care network really is, and how each tribe member lifts you to new heights. With rehab facilities located throughout New Hampshire, Granite Recovery Center offers residential and outpatient treatment to individuals who are seeking treatment for alcohol or drug abuse.

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