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It’s a great way to offer more services to clients without adding additional work for your team! White-labeling gives providers access to a large distribution network through their reseller partners, and resellers can expand their product and service line easily. The key to Whitelabel is anonymity, as consumers who buy the end product are not aware that it was originally produced by a white-label provider. Project management software is one of the most popular SaaS white label solutions.

Joined Cyclr in 2020 after working in marketing teams in the eCommerce and education industries. She graduated from Sussex University and has a keen interest in graphic design and content writing. As mentioned before the white-label software market has grown significantly. This has resulted in several different types of white-label SaaS software and tools. AuthorityLabs is a web-based SEO tool that monitors and tracks a site’s position in search engine results. Key insights to improve local rankings are provided, with the target audience being primarily small and medium-sized firms, consultants, and agencies.

Discover hundreds of new products you can offer your clients

White label SaaS is a tried and tested way to earn massive profits, but to choose which SaaS software to white label and resell is a task. To make your job easy, we curated a list of top SaaS tools that you can white label. Here, we have included tools from diverse industries and use cases. It means that a company buys a SaaS software, rebrands it and then sells it to their customers as if the SaaS software is their own.

white label saas software

With the right messaging and partner, it’s feasible to build a business around a private-label product. Engineering and development create the solution you’re private labeling, so you don’t have to expend your engineering resources. Private labeling bypasses the cost and time required to develop new solutions from scratch. Competitive private label developers can get you up and running with your unique solutions within weeks or even days.

I Have an Idea for an App. Now What?

So opt for a free version, a freemium model, or a moderate amount of money to check the product value. In this section, we’ll go over several steps on your path toward selecting and selling such software as a marketing agency or consultant. As people may test numerous solutions for free, you need to market outstanding and valuable products. Aside from that, establishing trust with the client and being open can also help greatly. The third problem revolves around choosing the right and resellable software. It means you should invest in a product that converts into profit and works in the real world (market-proven).

white label saas software

Overtok Calls Conversion Allow high-intent customers to call directly from your website and keep them engaged longer with call-to-action offers before and after the call. Metricool The ultimate social media tool to analyze, manage and measure your social media activity. Take control of your own SEO by following the tailored and easy-to-complete monthly actions. Website Optimizer Win more customers with a trouble-free website. AudioEye Digital Accessibility AudioEyes powerful automation technology provides continuous coverage needed to ensure that your website is compliant and accessible.

Remember that a private label partnership goes deeper than your typical buyer/customer relationship. They are an extension of your team, ultimately mimicking your original business, serving as a means to growth, and creating a revenue stream. You want to ensure white label payment processor that this relationship is right on every level before proceeding to stake a large part of your business in this new relationship. Vertical SaaS developers who have added recruiting solutions to their offerings through our private label partnerships.

  • And the best part is, your users can do it even if they don’t have any specialized technical knowledge.
  • How can you search for specialists, employ recent technologies, and acquire new customers without exceeding the budget?
  • Stay up to date with recent email marketing news, guides, articles and how-to’s on email design.
  • A white label iPaaS is one of those tools and is much more than an iPaaS you can brand as part of your product.
  • The system will add new features as customers leave feedback, complaints, and suggestions to offer the most cutting-edge technology.

On some occasions, developers and resellers opt for a commission agreement. How this is usually set up is that the reseller markets the software as their own and whenever a purchase is made, the developer collects the fee and pays a commission to the reseller. With this setup, the reseller avails of low investment, if any, to resell software products while earning a commission whenever a sale is made from their marketing efforts.

Well, thanks to some incredible white label SaaS platforms, you can now leverage their services and sell them as your own. How much should you charge customers to ensure a solid return on investment and revenue? You need to research the market to find a suitable price for covering your expenses on subscription without exceeding the average cost. HighLevel also offers the capability to run email campaigns and set up automations as well as many other services all under their white-label SaaS platform. You can customize the white-label SaaS platform to meet your needs and present it as your own to the end users under your brand! So your clients are buying “their” software, and “you” get all the credit.

white label saas software

Clients, especially big clients, often make product requests —that’s an accepted part of what makes B2B SaaS solutions so specific. Organizations can’t honor every request, but turning down large requests from key clients could see you miss out on revenue or risk churning those clients. Private labeling is a strategic way to make your SaaS product stickier and customers happier, reducing churn, increasing cross/upsell opportunities, and keeping retention high. Sales and marketing support can help you market to new customers and get existing customers onboarded to your new solution. Additionally, you’ll need to either divert the attention of your core team to work on the new application, pay for new hires, or outsource development talent. Most businesses don’t have the in house skills to decide which messaging apps are best, how to create business accounts or how to connect those accounts to respond.io.

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