Copium protocol review: Copium protocol is an innovative multi- pronged

It serves a wide range of utilities in the ecosystem, which will be unveiled as the platform grows and evolves. The key role of Copium Coin will be facilitating the staking reward system that is central to the ecosystem. As Copium Mining expands its infrastructure, it brings some attractive investment opportunities to the public, leveraging cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Due to the lack of usability and negligible returns, cloud mining platforms failed to live up to expectations. Owners of the Investor Pass NFT will also be eligible for a special airdrop of 10,000 Copium Coins, the native ERC-20 token that powers the ecosystem. He has a largely sales-based background, with a focus in B2B sales and analytics for big brand corporate names, such as Fox Racing.

Once a mining contract is signed, users receive daily payouts when requested and can control the mining contract from any device through the LetMeCloud dashboard. Lastly, BeMine also sells ASIC mining equipment to users so they can mine in their own location. In addition, they sell top-tier miners from some of the largest mining companies, such as Bitmain and MicroBT. However, you can get them early by participating in the presale that is scheduled to run for 60 days before the public launch. The presale price is $0.10 per Copium Coin, offering the cheapest way into the project.

The project is centered around Copium Mining, a crypto mining company registered in New Zealand. At the heart of Copium Mining, is a team of experienced cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals, who together offer a wealth of wide-ranging industry knowledge. We offer a full range of services to individuals and small-to medium sized businesses. If you’ve ever been interested in earning a passive income through cryptocurrency mining, then Copium Protocol is certainly a project for you to take a deep dive into. In addition, the daily demand for Copium Coin will remain stable through the purchases made from the daily mining revenue at Copium Mining. Both of these factors are set to ensure that Copium Coin should continue to rise in price over the long term.

  • This will be an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 NFTs that will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain during early-mid October.
  • Also worth noting is that Copium Coin will be a deflationary asset due to the profitability of the mining facility.
  • Copium Protocol is an innovative ecosystem for crypto mining investments built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Each holder of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass receives an airdrop of 10,000 Copium Coins.
  • The Copium Investor Pass, a collection of 10,000 NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain in the coming month, will be sold as the project’s initial offering.

The project uses the funds collected from the sale of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass collection to upgrade the company’s mining infrastructure. The longer you keep your Copium Coins in the staking contract, the higher the rate of interest. For the longest time, crypto mining was confined to the well-off who could afford the mammoth resources it demands. In this environment of rising interest rates, COPIUMS deflationary tokenomics will ensure a safe space to park your assets and weather the inflationary storm while holding its value. The project will begin its protocol launch phase by releasing the Copium Protocol Investor Pass NFTs. This will be an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 NFTs that will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain during early-mid October.

The protocol buys back Copium Coins from the open market using the revenue generated by the Copium Mining facility. In essence, Copium Investor Pass NFTs and Copium Coins are indirect investments in Copium Mining. Copium Protocol is a totally novel way to participate in passive cryptocurrency mining. Other mining ecosystems are typically cloud-based operations, requiring users to purchase mining contracts from the platform to mine cryptocurrency.

Victor has been working for for over a year and is our in-house client advisor and head of sales. Copium Mining has an established, long term track record of operation and a respected reputation in the New Zealand Cryptocurrency mining industry. This key factor is what allows us to operate a very efficient, profitable, low-cost business model.

As you can see, there is a wide range of cloud mining projects that you can use to mine cryptocurrency in 2022. However, each of these projects has unique characteristics that set them apart from one another. Therefore, you might have to try a couple of these options to find a platform that suits your needs. The great thing about LetMeCloud is that it provides official documents at the end of mining contracts to prepare a tax return statement. Users can pay for their mining contracts in cryptocurrency or through credit cards. Genesis Mining is highly popular, so securing a mining contract becomes difficult if you aren’t quick enough to snap them up when they are released.

Copium Mining Presale: What You Need to Know?

In fact, the lowest possible staking rate for the Investor Pass (12%, locked for 30-days) is still higher than the highest possible public staking rate (11%, locked for 24 months). Therefore, it is essential to own an Investor Pass to maximize your ROI when staking. Copium Coin is the ERC-20 token that powers the ecosystem and will be simultaneously released to the public with the Investor Pass. However, Copium Coin will also host a presale for the coin that will run for 60 days before the launch to generate initial liquidity for the token. The Investor Pass NFTs are expected to be sold through a Dutch Auction on the project’s website. The NFTs will begin at a starting price of 3.5 ETH, but the first 2000 people that register their interest early will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a lower, fixed cost of 3 ETH.

The pre-mint for the Copium Protocol Investor Pass NFTs has finally gone live on the project’s website. In addition to cloud mining, BeMine also hosts other people’s hardware and sells ASIC miners directly. The initial launch phase of Copium Protocol will see the release of the Investor Pass – a collection of 10,000 NFTs set to be minted early-mid October on the Ethereum Network. The existing relationships with leading suppliers help it procure wholesale quantities of the latest and most power-efficient generation of miners at lower prices. Another key asset on Copium Protocol is Copium Investor Pass, an Ethereum-based NFT collection. As a holder of Copium Investor Pass, you become eligible for a wide range of perks and privileges in the Copium Protocol ecosystem.

Introduction to copium protocol.

You can stake your Copium Coin holdings for locked and unlocked periods in exchange for attractive yields. The rate of interest will vary depending on the locked period of the selected staking contract. It’s also worth noting that the Copium Coin will become a deflationary asset due to the mining facility’s profits. As an early adopter and advocate for Blockchain technologies, Carl has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2013.

Over time, as the ecosystem matures, the supply of Copium Coin will only ever decrease, making it much more scarce. The funds will be used to upgrade the hardware and infrastructure at the Copium Mining facility in New Zealand. The great thing about the Investor Pass NFT sale is that all the funds raised through selling the NFTs are entirely invested back into the Copium Protocol ecosystem.

Fresh out of the oven: Copium

Additionally, users are able to easily split their rented hash power between different coins, allowing them to diversify their mining portfolio and hedge their risk. Overall, IQ Mining has provided a perfect balance between cloud mining and professional trading. The project was founded in 2016 by a team of experts in blockchain programming and engineering. Our mission is to provide reliable investment opportunities in the industry for the average investor regardless of knowledge or previous investment experience. The deflationary mechanism goes a long way in sustaining the value of the token in the market in the long term. It encourages investors to stake their Copium Coin holdings and Investor Pass NFTs despite the ups and downs in the market.

The Copium Protocol ecosystem has four pillars — Copium Coin, Copium Investor Pass, Copium Mining, and Copium Staking. Let’s understand how they contribute to the platform’s goal to decentralize crypto mining. Our mission is to provide reliable investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry for the average investor regardless of knowledge or previous investment experience. Pre-sale ICO of Copium Coin will run for a period of 60 days before the public launch of the coin, or until the predetermined ICO hard cap is met.

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