Top 25 Zendesk Alternatives to Get Your Customer Service in Order

what are the differences between intercom and zendesk

So, for example, if you use chatbots on Intercom, they can be trained to recommend certain help articles in response to specific customer queries. Also, HappyFox offers paid plans for an unlimited number of agents — the price will start from $1499 per month, billed annually. Top Zendesk alternative for businesses looking to deliver top-notch customer support with efficiency and ease. Additionally, agents can tag and categorize documents as appropriate, allowing their customers to easily find the answers they’re looking for. Customers can find these answers by either browsing the knowledge base manually or by using Helpjuice’s intelligent search capabilities.

Top 10 Best Customer Support Companies In USA 2023 – Inventiva

Top 10 Best Customer Support Companies In USA 2023.

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ClickDesk’s support features are unique in this list, as they offer voice and video support in addition to live chat. This can help support agents to help customers through complex issues that simply don’t translate well via live chat. It also provides customers with yet another way to reach your company based on their support preferences. Intercom is a popular customer communications platform, but its focus has always been on sales and marketing. After starting life as a simple chat widget, Intercom has added lots of new features to its messaging platform, but catering for customer support seems like more of an afterthought.

A Unified View of Customer Data That Enables Growth

With Freshdesk, organizations can set up automations to handle specific customer inquiries as appropriate. This includes automatic delivery of help desk tickets to the correct department or agent, prioritization of inquiries based on severity, and escalation of urgent issues. Freshdesk also allows users to customize ticket fields and workflows to suit their specific needs and preferences. LiveAgent is being highlighted as the best Helpshift alternative with a free trial period and round-the-clock customer support without the need for a credit card. The software offers an omnichannel solution for improving customer engagement and service desk feedback.

Does Zendesk have VoIP?

With VoIP, it's easy to add more team members without investing in additional equipment or extensive training. Agents using Zendesk can make phone calls directly from their browser, so they can work from home, the office, or anywhere in the world.

The Zendesk marketplace is also where you can get a lot of great add-ons. There are also several different Shopify integrations to choose from, as well as CRM integrations like HubSpot and Salesforce. The main idea here is to rid the average support agent of a slew of mundane and repetitive tasks, giving them more time and mental energy to help customers with tougher issues. Every single bit of business SaaS in the world needs to leverage the efficiency power of workflows and automation. Customer service systems like Zendesk and Intercom should provide a simple workflow builder as well as many pre-built automations which can be used right out of the box. You get call recording, muting and holding, conference calling, and call blocking.

Is Zendesk better than Intercom? Our final points

DMs allow you to send messages to users directly from Intercom’s interface, rather than having to switch over to another app like Messenger or WhatsApp for communication purposes. This makes things much easier for all parties involved and keeps all your customer communication is one place so everyone has access to it. With Intercom, you can set up a chatbot to handle simple questions from your customers.

what are the differences between intercom and zendesk

There’s a plethora of features to help bigger teams collaborate more effectively — like private notes or real-time view of who’s handling a given ticket at the moment, etc. While administrators can automatically assign tickets to certain agents or teams, they can also manually assign tickets to members of sales or customer service teams. Team inboxes aggregate tickets applicable to the whole team–or a specific department–that any agent can address.


But I don’t want to sell their chat tool short as it still has most of necessary features like shortcuts (saved responses), automated triggers and live chat analytics. If you’re a huge corporation with a complicated customer support process, go Zendesk for its help desk functionality. If you’re smaller more sales oriented startup with enough money, go Intercom. One of these differences is the ability for agents to connect to customers through their own apps versus using a collaboration feature.

  • Here, we’ll dig into three different companies that chose Zendesk in the Intercom vs. Zendesk debate.
  • The platform, which stands out with its easy use, has been developed for businesses to professionally manage instant customer communications.
  • After an in-depth analysis such as this, it can be pretty challenging for your business to settle with either option.
  • Groove also allows multiple agents to collaborate on a single support instance in real-time, via both customer-facing channels and private internal means.
  • The interesting thing about Zendesk is the difference between the message users versus active users.
  • Check out our list of unified communications providers for more information.

With this tool, you can automate your lead routing so that it ends up with the right sales rep. With Gorgia’s eCommerce-focused business model, you can pair it with third-party applications like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Yotpo, Loop Returns, Aircall, and Konnektive. Among the apps you can integrate with Gladly are Shopify, Calabrio, Big Commerce, Medallia, Flip, and Formstack. On top of that, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial and get acquainted with Groove’s features and functionalities.

Help Scout vs Intercom: Is It a Tie After All?

It has very limited customization options in comparison to its competitors. Intercom gives you the ability to see who your customers are and what they do in your web and mobile apps in real time. Intercom features phone support, online support, and a knowledge base. Our goal is to be objective,

simple and your first stop when researching for a new service to help you grow your business. We will help you find alternatives and reviews of the products you already use. Zendesk for Service sells three plans, ranging from $49 to $99 monthly per user, with a 30-day free trial available for each plan.

  • Intercom is not the only player in the game and certainly not the g.o.a.t. in customer service.
  • For example, you can easily change the default language, change the appearance of the chat widget, or make it available only for some customers.
  • ProProfs Help Desk is known in the market for its honest, and simple pricing.
  • Crisp offers many integrations with leading tools of the industry so you can get started with Crisp.
  • So we have the basic product, 100k users for 100 a month, and a premium option which is their enterprise option.
  • You can even create multiple help centers that cater to different audiences, regions, brands and create content in multiple languages.

Intercom plan prices are determined based on your specific business needs, so interested users must contact them for specific price details. The workspace left-hand column notifies agents of all ticket updates. The top of the agent workspace shows an agent’s open tickets, ticket statistics, and satisfaction statistics, as well as tabs depicting all current tickets.

– Access a call center

Welcome to another blog post that helps you gauge which live chat solution is compatible with your customer support needs. And in this post, we will analyze two popular names in the SaaS industry – Intercom & Zendesk. Zendesk’s Help Center and Intercom’s Articles both offer features to easily embed help centers into your website or product using their web widgets, SDKs, and APIs. With help centers in place, it’s easier for your customers to reliably find answers, tips, and other important information in a self-service manner. Intercom recently ramped up its features to include helpdesk and ticketing functionality. Zendesk, on the other hand, started as a ticketing tool, and therefore has one of the market’s best help desk and ticket management features.

  • They offer an advanced feature for customer data management that goes beyond basic CRM stuff.
  • And if you want to invest in making more sales and conversions with your help desk software, it may be worth it to put some money into Intercom for its uniquely conversational approach to front desk help.
  • However, bigger and more feature-packed doesn’t always mean better.
  • Considering its affordable pricing, ProProfs can be a great option for small to medium-scale businesses.
  • HubSpot Service Hub is a part of the HubSpot family that offers multiple B2B solutions for sales, marketing, customer service, and other operations.
  • If you thought Zendesk’s pricing was confusing, let me introduce you to Intercom’s pricing.

However, if you look at Zendesk’s high pricing and complicated features, the tool doesn’t work well for small businesses that have limited needs. It can be the right option for big enterprises that have global customers and big support teams. To cater to the needs of different businesses and teams, Zendesk offers multiple integration options. To customize your Zendesk experience, you can integrate the tool with third-party business applications such as Trello, Salesforce, Shopify, Aircall, etc.

Zendesk mentions (

For businesses looking for an affordable yet feature-rich customer service platform, Gist is a solid choice. Its unlimited seats on the $99/month plan make it an attractive option for growing teams that need a scalable solution without incurring additional costs per agent. Gist offers a range of features, such as live chat, email marketing, and a knowledge base, allowing your team to effectively support and engage with your customers.

Zendesk is a comprehensive CRM and support suite that offers a variety of features for customer support, sales, and marketing. One of Zendesk’s most notable aspects is its robust ticketing system. As Zendesk initially began as a help desk ticketing system, it’s no surprise that the platform makes tracking and managing customer inquiries seamless.

Zendesk VS Intercom

Thus, it leaves your team to solve more important customer requests. Knowledge Base is one of the self-service sections that includes articles or documents providing technical help to customers and employees. To make a comparison of Zendesk vs Intercom knowledge base features is quite tricky. So, Intercom Articles will be opposed to Zendesk Suite – in that way the contrast is (more or less) fair. Also, this software offers a feature called ‘Business Messenger’ that comes with its own AI chatbot. Moreover, Intercom bots can converse naturally with customers by using conversation starters, and respond with self-help, and knowledge base articles.

what are the differences between intercom and zendesk

Why Zendesk is better than Intercom?

Zendesk is billed more as a customer support and ticketing solution, while Intercom includes more native CRM functionality. Intercom isn't quite as strong as Zendesk in comparison to some of Zendesk's customer support strengths, but it has more features for sales and lead nurturing.

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