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Without a goal that is in line with your business plan, you might risk the software development outsourcing going in the wrong direction. You need to have real objectives to ensure that your outsourcing endeavor is leading the right way. First initiated by IBM and FDS, outsourcing software development and other IT services has been a strategic approach adopted by product managers, CTOs, and even entrepreneurs to fill in any technology gap. Usually, managing an outsourced development team is the responsibility of the Project Manager. They will ensure seamless communication between the customer and the team, reporting on the development process and progress of the project. A Project Manager will stay in frequent touch with you and help resolve any issues in the shortest possible time.

  • The software development life cycle (SDLC) stages vary between vendors.
  • However, now they need to scale up the product and get product development with new features and functionalities which they are unable to develop with the existing resources.
  • Sometimes the outsourced software product development requires finding a couple of additional professionals, and you’re free to hire separate specialists or outstaff workers to cover that scope of work.
  • For example, the cost of living in London is far higher than in a country in Eastern Europe, like Poland and Ukraine.
  • Before hiring an outsourcing software development company, you need to be sure about its capabilities.

Our teams can include the exact number of qualified professionals you need (from 0.5 FTE to 150+ FTE) and can be easily scales up and down on demand. A vendor provides you with remote professionals for you to manage directly. You can get an exact number of experts you need, from 0.5 FTE to 100+ FTE. outsourcing software development The outsourcing process setup will take from several days to several months. It will depend on the chosen outsourcing model, the maturity of the vendor’s processes, your readiness for such kind of initiatives, and more. Provides a low-risk way for the client to establish a long-term dedicated team.

Choosing the Right Engagement Model

These outsourced software development professionals work together and act as an extension of your core team. The selection of developers can have a considerable influence on the outcome of your project in the area of IT outsourcing. Egyptian software engineers provide a special fusion of technological expertise, financial efficiency, and cultural adequacy.

outsourcing software development

For example, while an average software developer in the US earns $77K annually, their colleague from India makes on average 11 times less. Since software development outsourcing usually takes place in a remote setup, it’s crucial that your vendor has a technological profile suited to your needs. To this end, we recommend making a list of the resources your project requires. To get competent advice, consider tech consulting services, preferably from several different vendors. With the dedicated team model, throughout the project, the client pays a fixed monthly salary to the hired specialists in addition to administrative costs. This collaboration type is well-suited for long-term projects with vague requirements and large in-house projects when the client’s staff lacks specific expertise.

Why do companies outsource?

But, in that case, you will have you put your best foot forward and partake in the development work. Lastly, a full stack developer can replace a backend and frontend developer. For instance, if you think that you manage the project yourself from your end, remove the project manager. Not only does it have an impact on the cost, but also on the quality of work. The design of the second type of software will also be relatively complex. For the other software, however, things are relatively easier to understand and build.

As you navigate the digital frontier, remember that strategic alliances are the backbone of evolution. These software development outsourcing companies aren’t just service providers; they are trailblazers, working hand in hand with you to shape the future of tech. Through collaboration, we usher in a new era of creativity, efficiency, and accomplishment. Whether their objective was to save costs, develop a state of the art software, or speed up the development, we have proven our expertise and garnered a lot of applause. If you plan to switch to in-house development after software development outsourcing, we suggest doing it step-by-step, preparing the necessary resources in advance. Our team would be glad to build a thriving development team, share our technical insights, and grow your project from an idea to a market-disruptive one.

What do software outsourcing companies do?

Now let’s dive into the tremendous benefits software development outsourcing offers. Outsourcing software development can offer tons of benefits like cost reduction, enhanced product quality, and more. One more thing you need to consider is verifying a company’s experience. A company’s projects show the technologies and skills that can be applied to your project as well. Describe in detail the process, product or service that you need to be outsourced. You need to bring together a core team to evaluate the provider and start negotiations.

You can also successfully outsource software development projects to a team of your choice. When outsourcing software development services, your internal development team can concentrate on core capabilities such as growth and innovation. It is important to note that the software development outsourcing cost is one of many factors to consider when deciding on a service provider. Other factors, such as the provider’s expertise, communication skills, and cultural fit, are also essential to consider.

Make sure the outsourcing development company meets your values

This story is an inspiration and has drawn attention to the IT talent pool in Eastern Europe. “Skype” even becomes one of the verbs in the English language – ‘to skype someone,” which means to have a spoken conversation with someone via the Internet using Skype, also viewing by webcam. This dictionary entry speaks volumes about the triumph of the project.

outsourcing software development

Additionally, digital transformation is a crucial factor in the rise of outsourcing development. Implement these vendor management best practices into your IT strategy. In addition to monitoring performance, you should be flexible and willing to adjust strategies as needed. Outsourcing relationships are dynamic and can change over time, so it’s necessary to be adaptable and ready to make changes to ensure the partnership’s success. This could involve changing the scope of work, adjusting timelines, or revising processes to align better with business objectives. Also, effective communication is vital in managing these changes and ensuring all parties are aligned and working toward common goals.

Benefits of UI/UX Consulting for Your Business

We hope to help you assess how valuable software outsourcing can be for your business and how Svitla Systems can help you get there successfully. It would be ideal for an enterprise to have a dedicated team because they would need developers who are focused solely on their project instead of having other things to deal with. In how to outsource software development projects, choosing the right one is pivotal to success. Because software development outsourcing typically occurs in a remote environment, your vendor must have a technological profile that matches your requirements.

outsourcing software development

Technology is advancing rapidly, and companies are becoming more competitive than ever; software outsourcing has become one of the most discussed business strategies. Requires a significant long-term commitment from the client and outsourcing provider. High level of collaboration and communication between the client and outsourcing provider.

Step 3. Set up the outsourcing process

For the last 9 years, the agency has had its hand in 300+ projects — lending its help to design, develop, and release apps in many niches and formats. Onshore or domestic outsourcing involves cooperating with a software development vendor located within the same country as the client company. The primary benefit of this model is that it lacks communication and cultural barriers that may exist with offshore outsourcing. In IT since 1993, SaM Solutions offers professional custom software development services to clients across all industries. ScienceSoft, headquartered in the United States, stands as the go-to option for midsize and large companies seeking to outsource software development needs. Trusted by market giants such as Walmart, Deloitte, IBM, and Leo Burnett, ScienceSoft boasts deep expertise in complex enterprise solutions, IoT, big data, and AI/ML.

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