Solution Architect: Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, Qualifications

The solution architect works with the development team to create and integrate information and computing systems that meet specific needs. In other words, architect duties are connected with integrating software and hardware. Yet, some software development projects also require a solution architect. If you try to google what tasks this person performs, you’ll probably find many different answers. However, it’s still not that easy to understand exactly how your project can benefit from developing and implementing the solution architecture. It’s not a secret that you need a whole team of professionals to complete a software development project.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

This requires in-depth knowledge of the existing system, systems strategy, and all applicable IT standards and best practices. Solution Designers focus on designing an elegant, optimized, modularized, and reusable solution. The solution architect’s role is to analyze all non-functional requirements and ensure that further product development will meet them.

Security Solutions Architects

For example, protecting customer data under GDPR and other privacy regulations is a business-level problem. Solution architecture defines how those requirements would translate into the way a given software operates. They provide technical leadership and make decisions regarding the most crucial elements of a system being created. The elements that would be hard to change after implementing and elements that may be related to failure risks. Also, the architect may sometimes propose technical standards, including coding standards, tools, or platforms. Software architects may also be engaged in the design of the architecture of the hardware environment.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

The role of a Solution Architect requires a mixture of both technical and business skills. Entry-level employees make an average of about$76,000ayear, with reported incomes ranging from$75,000 to $160,000. Other than this, if you are developing a live music streaming app like Spotify, you must have a valid license and copyrights. Also, the process will take enough mobile app development cost, so make your hold the desired budget for the same. Ultimately, you will work with the organization’s leaders to identify problems and then work with our IT Team to address those problems with innovative software solutions. We offer a wide range of services starting from software, mobile, and web app development to outstaffing and IT consulting services.

Popular Skills

If you fish for a solution architect in areas with a lower payment threshold, you can save prodigious sums. By enlisting the help of IT experts from Eastern Europe you can get top-notch expertise at a reasonable price. It would be strange indeed if the sphere that generated the very profession wouldn’t make extensive use of solution architect deliverables. Here, these specialists make sure the product and the development personnel are on the same page as to the effective implementation and subsequent functioning of a new software solution. A technical architect is an expert responsible for the nitty-gritty of the software building and deployment in each particular use case.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

The solution architect role may be the most sought after role in the software development process but it’s not without its challenges. Learning the broad array of skills, shouldering the responsibility, and dealing with the consequences can be more than the average mortal may want to take on. The starting point is generally being the only person on a very small, and sometimes insignificant project. The project may be small enough that a single person may fill every role – including the role of solution architect. The role of solution architects is to provide technical guidance to help clients build solutions that are secure, reliable, cost-optimized, and fault-tolerant.

Solutions Architect Role and Responsibilities

To mitigate the risks you might face on projects, you need a solution architect. It will help prevent the emergence of technological risks as, for example, the underlying technologies are not well suited to implementing a particular digital solution. The solution architect must understand all of these constraints and consider the technical and business factors that ultimately need to align with the project’s goals. A solution architect is also responsible for the continuous maintenance of a system developed. This person makes sure that there is a secure and stable IT environment for a software solution to work properly. Solution architects also ensure that such a solution will remain relevant in terms of the business value it should deliver.

  • Although some of the most common degrees solutions architects hold are bachelor’s degrees in information technology, computer science, or software information.
  • Here, these specialists make sure the product and the development personnel are on the same page as to the effective implementation and subsequent functioning of a new software solution.
  • So, continuing the previous example, the software architect determines what exactly has to be done and how the result can be maintained.
  • It’s a specialized job that involves quite a bit of analysis, internal and external investigations, surveys, studies, and so much more.

As this change is quite complicated, every brand seeks an expert holding the required skillset and proficiency in balancing the business requirements with distinct modifications of technology solutions. In addition to research on technologies and approaches critical to the architecture, there is often a review of patterns that might be useful to the architecture. Patterns are previously described and validated approaches that can be used to create portions of the solution. Patterns are released through research and can come from places such as Microsoft’s software development libraries.

Job brief

It is the work process that solutions architects perform to bring business excellence and efficiency. Now, let’s get an in-depth insight into the solutions architect roles and responsibilities. A senior architect is a role that has a high level of experience and expertise in solution architecture, and is recognized as an authority and a leader in the field. A senior architect provides strategic direction and guidance for the solution architecture practice, as well as the architecture standards and frameworks.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

Work with product and delivery teams to develop scalable solutions and products. This person is responsible for figuring out the best possible way of bringing together business needs and technological solutions. The solution architect is MVP when it comes to deciding how the ins and outs of the project are going to work.

Excellent analytical skills

An effective solutions architect must possess strong leadership and communication skills along with the technical and business knowledge to properly align IT solutions with business objectives. This is all about the roles and responsibilities of solutions architect that every business owner should know before hiring an IT solutions architect for their project. Although some of the most common degrees solutions architects hold are bachelor’s degrees in information technology, computer science, or software information.

The cloud architect handles risk analysis, cost estimates, and communication with non-IT personnel to ensure smooth implementation and transition. ITIL is the industry-accepted range of qualifications that contains 5 levels. The highest credential is the ITIL Master for those experts who deal with IT service management and have deep experience with ITIL practices. Usually, it’s senior developers, team leads, and project managers who have skills required for a solution architect. They have the needed tech background, business expertise, and are excellent communicators.

Solution Architect Technical Skills, Experience, and Background

The candidate’s in-depth mastery of cloud computing and solution architect’s certification requires special mention. The predominant providers grant experts the possibility to officially confirm their top-notch expertise, e.g. by obtaining AWS solution architect certification, Azure solution architect certification, etc. Such proficiency recognition necessitates a practical mastery of cloud solution architecture responsibilities engineering tools, principles, and systems. In addition, examinees must know how to plan, design, and manage the infrastructure and provide for its security and scalability. It’s worth mentioning that these official confirmations expire, and thus, the exams must be retaken every few years or so. These are the five types of solutions architect roles every business owner must know.

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