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I wouldn’t have gone with Quickbooks because I had had a bad experience with Quickbooks years earlier. Quickbooks programming is a little loose, and it lets you do stuff that you shouldn’t be able to. And as a result I had an inexperience accounting manager come in, and all he did was he made some changes to the names of the accounts, and it really shouldn’t make a big difference, but it totally messed up the accounts for several years. There’s plenty of women in the upper management but she qualifies as a women owned business. If you need help finding the right accountant, simply give me a call.

  • Bringing high levels of skill and experience to the table, the Houston Partnership has been able to develop a strong reputation as an accountancy firm and business advisor in central Glasgow.
  • It was fascinating to hear how they chose SAGE 300 instead of Quickbooks Desktop as their accounting software, and also the processes and automation within their finance team.
  • Although it is not believed that any individual personally profited
    from the financial fiasco at Tesco, and the Financial Conduct
    Authority has dropped its own investigation in the light of the
    criminal investigation, the dodgy dealings at the international
    supermarket chain have far-reaching implications.
  • It really was an interesting thirteen years, I have to admit.
  • We don’t review advisor listings and we don’t recommend or guarantee the service provided by any one advisor, so make sure you check them out yourself and get comfortable with them yourself.

Our team of experienced and qualified individuals offer a full service that is completely focused on what you, the client needs. Above anything else, Mountain Top deliver peace of mind, tax savings and an unrivalled level of reassurance that allows you to focus on what you’re good at. Following the unwelcome glare of publicity, NPower then promised to
fix the problem they had caused by sending Mr. Harrison a cheque for
the full amount owed to him. Unfortunately, the energy company made
a further mistake by sending a post-dated cheque, which was rejected
by the bank and returned to NPower unpaid- a basic book keeping
error which could have easily been avoided. Happily, Frank Harrison
was finally issued with his refund in a direct transfer to his bank
in January 2015, but not before the power company’s poor attention
to its book-keeping practices caused further trouble and harm. Similarly, the pensioner’s recourse to the national press has meant
further, avoidable trouble for NPower.

SABA – Business Setup in USA

law, in common with law in many other parts of the world, states
that such documents need to be shredded or otherwise rendered
illegible before their disposal. To make matters worse, federal
taxes were involved in the matter, meaning that stricter, more
serious federal laws came into play in this case. When it comes to recording financial
transactions, processing accounts, and dealing with purchases, bookkeeping for startups
sales, receipts, tax, and payments, many a thing can go awry. From
small family-owned independent firms to commercial giants such as
Tesco, it seems that the capacity to make a series of blunders is
all too great. Here, we examine book-keepers’ blunders large, small,
and shockingly stupid- and all of which could have lead to the
companies or individuals involved being jailed, or sued, or both.

Arthur Simpson & Co., a Bradford based garage run by the same family
for 98 years, was recently shamed by HM Revenue and Customs over
a perceived failure to pay its employees the minimum wage following
an audit. The apparent book-keeping error amounted to around £ over three years, although once it was pointed out to the owner, Mr.
Simpson fully cooperated with the tax authorities to repay his
debts. This story centres around Hartlepool pensioner Frank Harrison, who
overpaid his NPower bill to the tune of £1,196.

Should I be a limited company or sole trader?

It’s funny, I look at my paycheck and that’s changed quite a lot during that time too. It really was an interesting thirteen years, I have to admit. However, he does understand Accounting, and we are both very well versed in SAGE. He knows a lot more about the SAGE backend whereas I know a lot more about the SAGE frontend.

At Mountain Top, our team don’t believe that accountancy is just about reporting on money, we believe it’s about making you more. Mountain Top is a new and very different type of accountancy firm based in Plymouth, serving the whole of the South West and beyond. Corporate Governance plays a significant role in the sustainability of an organisation. We have seen the failure of Corporate Governance leading to Bankruptcies. In 1985 merger of Inter North and Houston Natural Gas resulted in Enron; a wave of deregulation moved Enron into a gas broker.

SAGE 300 Wishlist

The Houston Partnership is a small firm of chartered accountants based in Glasgow and serving clients from across the city and beyond. Houston based SABA (a Douglas group member) has many years of experience helping Scottish companies set up US operations in Texas. We have a track record of over 20 companies helped over several years, mostly Scottish companies moving to Houston. With knowledgeable people in both Aberdeen and Houston we can provide a bridge for your company’s move to Texas. Our Houston office has contacts to help with all stages of the company setup including legal, real estate and staff immigration questions. Such is our expertise in this area that we were asked by Scottish Enterprise to write a guide book for companies looking to set up in Texas.

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