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All other eligible purchases made with this card will earn 1.5% in unlimited cash back rewards. The card also comes with a respectable amount of travel insurance, but it only covers you for 10 days. If you’re looking for a straightforward credit card that has no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee, then the Home Trust Preferred Visa will likely appeal to you. The card also earns 1% in cash back1 on all purchases in CAD, though unfortunately it doesn’t earn cash back for purchases in foreign currencies.

We would then recommend opening a Mexican HSBC account, and putting your Pesos there, so that you can withdraw your cash requirements fee free (since TD does not have ATM’s in Mexico). It makes no sense to pay $3 to $6 everytime you need cash. Withdrawing $100 at a time, it’s a 3% to 6% fee just to get your money. HSBC specifically said they used the conversion rate provided by the “governing bank” of each country. It would be interesting to compare HSBC’s governing rate to that of the networks (VISA, MC), to see if it comes in at the same, lower or higher rate. Hopefully this clarifies why we recommend the Rogers MasterCard for foreign purchases.

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If you’re wondering what a watchlist is, the basic idea is that if you pick stocks, you might want to keep your eye on how your “targets” are doing at any specific time. This allows you to quickly pull up a screen and see if there have been any movements in the companies that you are interested in. From the discussion, it seems TD debit card withdrawalsf in Mexican pesos,]
there is a ATM (HSBC) machine fee + 2 1/2 % exchange fee + the rate of exchange charged by Canadian bank. Moreover, not only will you be avoiding the 2.5%-3% exchange fee margin, you’ll ALSO be earning rewards.

It will also convert everything into USD if you set the currency settlement preference to USD. However, while you can hold dual currencies in your account, there is a difference if you want to fund USD in a margin account and a registered account. Opening an online Forex broker account is a straightforward process once you have identified which Forex broker you want to use and usually only consists of four easy steps. The best Forex brokers in Canada include AvaTrade, Fusion Markets, Questrade and XTB.

Low fees, many types of securities and a rich array of research tools are just some of Questrade’s perks.

USD credit cards can be useful for those who make frequent trips to the U.S. or make many purchases in U.S. dollars. Since the card has USD as the base currency, you don’t get charged any additional fees when you charge a purchase in USD. However, when it comes time to pay your bills, you’ll need to have USD available, otherwise, you pay a conversion fee when paying your bill with Canadian dollars. We’ve highlighted a few popular picks below, but be sure to check out our full list of the best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees for more options. In several notable Canadian class acion cases, it was revealed that the banks charge their 2.5% on top of the “interbank” rate, which is typically only available between financial institutions. That seems to also suggest Visa is charging a “wholesale” rate.

Margin power, a brand new service, exclusive to Questrade. However, active speculators also have the benefit of this as Questrade has designed a program specifically for them. The investor who practices Day trading or Swing trading can trade stocks for less than $ 0.01 each.

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The best way is NOT to take cash advances, but withdraw money from chequing account instead. Then you avoid ATM withdrawal fees and very high interest. If you don’t mind a slightly longer waiting time, you can choose to go with PAD to fund your Questrade account in USD. On the other hand, if you prefer making the transfer more quickly and don’t mind paying any transfer fee for the wire transfer, you could consider using wire transfers to fund your Questrade account in USD. There is a fee of 175 basis points, which is equivalent to 1.45% over the past 12 months, according to the Questrade website. The fees are based on the Bank of Canada USD/CAD Daily exchange rate.

questrade forex

Questrade Edge and its mobile version are Questrade’s advanced trading platforms built for seasoned traders and investors. These two platforms let you trade derivative financial products, including bracket, conditional and multi-leg options in addition to stocks and ETFs. Questrade is a Canadian broker offering the ability to trade currencies on forex, CFDs, Canadian and US stocks, options and mutual funds on several manual or automated trading platforms. They thus allow investors in Canada to trade online independently.

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It is on this list because there’s no foreign exchange fees on foreign currency transactions, even online, which it still touts on its website. Furthermore, you can pre-pay your account, however, you will still be charged a 1% cash advance fee, or $5 per advance, whichever is greater. You will also be charged interest from the time of your purchase to the time it gets posted – usually hours (but like you said that’s not much). To get the best rate call around – never use the rate you’ll get with the teller.

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There is a ton of functionality within Questrade’s downloadable platform. But I will do my best to highlight the main features, and let you do the experimenting beyond that. But rest assured, if it is a situation that Questrade is to blame, your money will be covered. And no, they won’t cover you if you are downloading some shady documents or files that happen to infect your computer with malware and it gains access to your account.

Day traders may at this stage exchange the USD back into CAD, exchanging US$1.00 for $1.25 CAD and will have made a profit. Trade stocks for as little as 1 ¢ and options for $ 6.95 + 75 ¢ per contract. Plus, get discounts on data transmission costs and access to the Daily Negotiator, your personal technical analysis tool. Increase your buying power by linking your margin account to your TFSA assets.

  • This can sometimes workout in a cardholders favour where they would receive more in Canadian at the time of refund and it may also be less if the Canadian dollar was down.
  • Day traders may at this stage exchange the USD back into CAD, exchanging US$1.00 for $1.25 CAD and will have made a profit.
  • Take the platform for a test run with a Questrade practice account, which lets you simulate trades using fake funds.
  • I just wired a “deposit” and was disturbed to find that CIBC took so much in the conversion process.
  • In order to empower day traders, CFD Forex brokers often allow leveraged or margin trading which allows individuals to trade with more money than what they currently own.

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